Join us for a wine tasting showcasing True Wine Connoisseurs' signature wines. Meet Sadat X and Will Tell and get your own autographed bottle of Flor de Nelas White and Flor de Nelas Red!
About The True Wine Connoisseurs
Sadat X and Will Tell are True Wine Connoisseurs! Sadat X cut his teeth recording classic joints with the fantastically legendary Brand Nubian.
Along with Lord Jamar and Grand Puba, Brand Nubian recorded some of hip hop's most urgent material. As a soloist, Sadat also has an extensive catalog of verbal gems and hymns that get the heads noddin'.
Will Tell is definitely a jack of all trades, but he's a most skilled mega-prolific producer with notable collabos/productions including Wu Tang Clan, Talib Kweli, DMC, Sean Price and Sadat himself; just to name a few.
Together, the quiet bald head from Uptown (Sadat X) and the trend setting Puerto Rican from BK (Will Tell) are True Wine Connoisseurs. They sample the finest wines and advise you on which one will give you a good time (for the price that's nice)!